STAIN-PROOF™ is an invisible and breathable sealer suitable for all natural stone, paver stone, concrete and tiles.

- Retains existing colour and finish

- Guards against surface staining
(in accordance with ISO 10545-14 Determination of resistance to stains Class 5 - highest class)
- Makes cleaning easier
- Protect against efflorescence, freeze thaw damage and salt attack
- Controls moss and mildew
- Suitable for indoor or outdoor use on kitchen counter tops and floors, dining rooms
   and entertaining, public and commercial areas
- Provides long lasting protection and comes with a- 15 year warranty
(Warranty valid after being applied by an Accredited Applicator)

    STAIN-PROOF™ will protect:
Granite Slate Terrazzo STAIN-PROOF from Drytreat
Basalt Terracotta tiles Concrete
Limestone Saltillo tiles Grout
Marble Quarry tiles
Travertine Clay paver
Sandstone Brick