This is a very impressive example of the effective of STAIN-PROOF™.
It's treated sand, which now could not be penetrated by water
as well as the water can't be mixed with the sand.

Sand sealed with STAIN-PROOF

Here you can see the effect when rain is repelled by the
with Stainproof™ treated tile in relation to the not treated.

Water, which is repelled by with Stainproof treated tiles

The closer view shows how the water drops are repelled.

Fugen mit und ohne Stainproof

This concrete surface and the upper part of the plaster
are treated with Stainproof™. The water rolls of the surfaces.

Water at a with Stainproof treated surface

Where is no treatment with Stainproof™,
the plaster is getting dark and wet.

Water at a with Stainproof treated plastered wall

Difference between treated and not treated surface

This facade with different materials like natural stone and Stucco venetian
was treated with Stainproof™.
Now the facade is protected against Graffiti
as well against rising damp.
For the facade of 240 m² were 30 litres of Stainproof™ needed.

Close view of a with Stainproof treated facade.

Facade of 240 m² with 30 liters Stainproof protected