HANAFINN Rejuvenata concentrate for floors™ is a water-based concentrate for maintaining and daily cleaning of surfaces like natural stones and other porous surfaces, which are sealed.

- It "shampoos" and "conditions" the sealed surface and is suitable for engineering concrete, terracotta tile, cast stone, paving, limestone, brick, marble, granite, terrazzo and grout

- Contains an invisible part to accentuate the stain resistance and easy cleaning of surfaces

- Concentrated and it disolves in relation of 1:20 in water

- HANAFINN Rejuvenata concentrate for floors™ does not replace the seal, but emphasizes the protection of any impregnating sealer

  HANAFINN Rejuvenata concentrate for floors cleans:

Natural stone Tiles Pavers Hanafinn Rejuvenata concentrate for floors
Masonry Concrete Bricks
Grout Limestone Courtyards
Kitchen Bathrooms Facades
Swimming pool surroundings