This complete facade of the house is covered with tiles of limestone, which are permeably.
When it rains, the water infiltrated through the inside of the house,
and provoce a lot of damages at parquet floors, efflorescences at Stucco and others.

Facade with limestone-tiles, which before was permeable for rainwater

The facade, which as well was obscured by the rain, was cleaned,
and after that sealed with the breathable
After that sealing no more rainwater infiltrated and there occurred no more damages.

Facade with limesstone-tiles

The quote for this executed work was a total sum of approx. € 6.000.
This roof terrace of an old house was incredible permeable to rain
that the owner fixed some metal gully under the roof inside the room to get the rainwater out.
The terracotta tiles themselves were permeable to water by age.

old terracotta tiles, permeable for rain water

The terrace of approx. 60 m² was cleaned,
some joints redone and after that the whole surface treated and sealed with STAINPROOF.
Now, no more water and rain is penetrating, and as well the tiles don not soil as before.
The quote for this executed work was a total sum of approx. € 1.900.
This roof terrace in Palma provocated humidity problems in the below flat,
as well in the flat beside.

Roof terrace with humidity problems in the belowe and beside flats

The terrace of approx. 55 m² was cleaned,
some joints redone and as well the expansion joint
and finally sealed with STAINPROOF.
Now no more rainwater and humidity penetrate,
and the tiles are protected for stains.
The quote for this executed work was a total sum of approx. € 1.800
Polshed concrete in a garage of 63 m²,
which lost all colour and had stains.

Polished concrete before and after treatrment

After grinding have been applicated twice the ENHANCE PLUS
and as well twice STAINPROOF.
The quote for this treatment with the products of Dry-Treat
was a total sum of approx. ca. € 1.600
Terrazzo-floor at a chalet in Santanyi with a surface of 110 m²,
which soils.

Terrazzo floor, which was dirty by stains. Now protected against stains with STAINPROOF
It is now sealed with STAINPROOF,
no soils and no stains anymore
as well no humidity penetrates this expensive floor.
The quote for this executed work was a total sum of approx € 1.700