META CRÈME™ starts working immediately on contact with the surface. Self assembling components enter through the tiny capillaries present in all porous building materials to deeply connect on a microscopic level to the subsurface. The treatment becomes permanently part of the material itself causing damaging liquids such as oil and water-borne salts to be repelled.

How works META CRÈME from Drytreat

Typical applications

META CRÈME™ is ideal for indoor / outdoor use on kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment areas, pool surrounds, patios, countertops, floors, walls, building facades, and for public / commercial areas.

META CRÈME™ is able to repel stains, water, oil and making cleaning easier; non film-forming; able to work without changing the appearance of the surface - keeps the original look; suitable for indoor and outdoor use; able to greatly reduce water uptake and minimise moss growth, freeze thaw spalling and efflorescence; highly water vapour permeable to breathe so there is no build-up of subsurface moisture, allowing it to dry out; deeply penetrating protecting against weathering and wearing; very alkali resistant; won't break down in contact with cement based materials, able to seal hairline cracks up to 0.3 mm (0.012 in.)

A 15-year performance warranty is offered when product applied by an Accredited Applicator.

Application rates
Total application rate is approximately one litre per 3 to 10 sq. metres, depending on absorption.

How to use   
1. Test product in a small area of the surface, wait 24 hours, and ensure you are satisfied with the results.

2. Make sure the area is dry, clean and free of residues.

3. Generously coat the surface with META CRÈME™ using a foam roller, brush, or similar. Avoid contact with surrounding areas.

4. Leave the product to penetrate for minimum 1 hour, then thoroughly polish with a clean dry cloth(s) to remove ALL excess product.

5. Use water to clean equipment.

6. Avoid moisture contact with the surface for a minimum of 12 hours after application.

7. To clean treated surfaces use a neutral pH detergent in warm water and a soft cloth or mop.

Note: Sealer will NOT prevent surface etching, scuffing or wear and may lighten or darken some surfaces temporarily, returning to the original colour over time.

Please refer to the product label and Material Safety Data Sheet at www.drytreat.com DRYTREATfor further information, precautions and safety instructions.

Pack size: 946 ml and 9,468 litres