Here you see an impressive example of a surface, which was treated with ENHANCE-PLUS™.
Where the product is applicated, the water drop stays and can't penetrate the stone.
As well you see the enrichment of the colour of this natural stone, which is now protected.

Natural stone treated with ENHANCE-PLUS

This terracotta tiles are dirty and there are scratches. Furthermore the tiles don't have anymore the normal colour.

Terracottafliesen, die verschmutzt und abgerieben sind

The same tiles from a closer view.

Nahansicht der betroffenen Terracottafliesen

First of all, the floor was cleaned.

Gereinigte und geschliffene Terracottafliesen

Nahansicht der gereinigten Terracottafliesen

After the cleaning the ENHANCE PLUS™ was applied,
and the tiles get the original colour and character back.

Farbvertiefung und Regeneration durch Auftrag von Enhance Plus

Nahansicht der mit Enhance Plus behandelten Terracottafliese

This is a facade with tiles, which from influence of the weather lost the original colour.

Hausfassade mit Fliesen, die verblaßt sind

After ENHANCE PLUS™ is applied the tiles get the original colour back and will resist.

Fassade mit Enhance Plus behandeltN