This is an example of a typical porous stone,
in this case mares, which was treated with DRY-TREAT 40SK™
to protect against humidity, stains and consolidate the structure.

Mares-Stone sealed with DRY-TREAT SK40

Realised project in a discotheque in Ibiza:
The polished concrete floor was partly porous and loose. First it was treated with DRYTREAT 40SK™,
that the floor was consolidated.

Working with DRYTREAT 40SK on the porous and loose concrete floor

After this first treatment the floor was sprayed with Stainproof™, to protect against stains in the future.

Treating the floor with Stainproof at the disco in Ibiza

Now the whole concrete polished floor of the discotheque is protected against stains and loose,
as well when a lot of guest's are dancing.
The total surface of 900 m² was twice treated with DRYTREAT 40SK™
and as well twice with Stainproof™.
In total they have used 70 liters of DRYTREAT 40SK™ and 50 liters of Stainproof™.

finished treated floor in the disco in Ibiza